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SG - Patria Grande

Project with SG - Patria Grande
Loan for the purchase of biodegradable and other plastic bags with two objectives in mind: one, to acquire a new product (the biodegradable bags), which are currently in high demand due to a new environmental law here in Buenos Aires; and two, to raise levels of stock to prepare for rising levels of demand from one of their principal clients.
The cooperative SG-Patria Grande is a commercializer of disposable products, from poliethylene bags for super markets to cardboard boxes and signs. They are located in Olivos, an area of Greater Buenos Aires with a high median income. The cooperative was started out of necessity and ideological conviction in the midst of Argentina's 2002 economic crisis. Since they started working with La Base, they have successfully completed four projects, always maintaining the best possible relationship. These projects have typically involved in the purchase of merchandise from suppliers-producers, with the intention of getting better prices and assuring a larger profit margin. Because these larger suppliers have minimum purchase requirements, the cooperative has used La Base loans to make purchases that exceed their working capital. This loan is in part for the purchase of a product that typically has very high turnover, as it is used for grocery market bags. Another part of the loan will go to the purchase of new biodegradable bags that have recently become obligatory in the Province of Buenos Aires. This law was passed only two weeks ago, and there is currently a very high demand and relatively few providers. The other objective of this loan is to permit the cooperative to raise its levels of stock to satisfy the rising demand of one of its principal clients, located in the city of 3 Arroyos. With help from this loan, SG will be able to accumulate stock with decapitalizing.
NameSG - Patria Grande
Signing DateOctober 26, 2009
Loan AmountAR$20,000
Repayment Schedule

From SG - Patria Grande on Feb 26:
On time
Como se había pautado, cubrieron el cheque rebotado con un depósito en nuestra cuenta.

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